Prayer of Rebuking.

God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we pray for wisdom, strategy, and deliverance from all evil forces, spirits, and people, O God, grant us freedom from the dark forces of evil that have come against us. Raise up your prayer warriors to pray and intercede, and finish this battle once and for all, bringing victory permanently to our home and neighborhood, O God, have mercy upon us and deliver us from our enemies. I command all evil to flee from our persons, home, land, neighborhood, and county by the authority given me in and through the Name and Power of Jesus Christ the Living King of Kings, and the Name of Yaweh the Creator, I am that I am, the One Who Is and Who Was and Who Is To Come, and the Name of The All-Powerful Holy Spirit of the Living God that dwells in me. Summon Your Power, Show Your Power, O God, send Your Power and Glory upon our situation and deliver us from our enemies. Greater is He Who Is In Us than he who is in the world. If one of us can put a thousand to flight then two of us can send the legions fleeing and we send them out and away from us and command not only that they leave but also that they be bound from harming others in the Name of the One We Worship, the God of Gods, Light of Light, Very God of Very God, Begotten, not made. We stand holding the torch of victory today and every day, and declare that your reign of terror is over. Get out and! stay out now and forever in and through and by The Name Above! All Names. Amen!
It shall be done! We resist Satan in the same Name, and command that he and all of his agents and allies and demons and principalities and powers and evil and unclean spirits and human servants by contract or other means flee from us and from the territory that God has given us. Get Out! The Lord of Lords and King of Kings rebuke you, you defeated worm! Be you removed from our lives by the Power that Raised Jesus Christ from the Dead, and by the Word of God - I wield the Word of God as my weapon today and smite all of your works, ways, and plans, past, present and future from our lives, land, and territory by the Power and Authority of the Word of God, and as I resist you I command you to leave. I pray to Yaweh the Creator that He would crush your head again and get you out of my life - I've got other things to do and you are not going to stop me because God has promised that I will succeed in my mission so GET OUT NOW AND DO NOT RETURN in the! Name of God Almighty whose strong arm has worked Salvation for me. Amen and Amen.
Yes, Yes, it shall be so. I know and believe that my redeemer lives and that I shall stand in that Great and Terrible Day to Praise Him Forever in His Land, the Promised Land, the New Jerusalem. He is God and no other, and may His Name be Praised Now and Forevermore. Amen and Amen. Jesus is the King of Kings, and reigns now and forever. It is finished, He has won the victory over Hell and Death and Satan, and you must obey the command of this servant of God and all of my allies, the Saints, who take a stand today against the legion of evil in the Very Same Name we unite with, Jesus Christ, King of Kings, who is God made Flesh, One with God the Father (Yaweh), One with the Spirit of the Living God, and it is in and through the Name and the Word that we have overcome your power and take our stand today. All of these must leave as defeated foes in the Name and Power and Authority! of the God I serve: Incest, rebellion, violence, abuse, ! perversi on, envy, strife, harassment, perversion, destruction, fear, depression, anger, spite, revenge, desolation, bondage, slavery, woman hater, father of lies, sorcery, voodoo, witchcraft, halloween, roots of evil, evil powers, evil potions, unclean spirits, demonic sources, demonic beings, evil principalities and powers, laziness, grief, trickery, theivery, imps, shapeshifters, watchers, strife, division, persecution, chains of steel, bondages, rape, oppressor, snake, evil aromas, evil vapors, clouds of evil, evil potions, every aspect of the occult, exploiter of women, abuser of women, and especially incest - over all of these I raise up the standard of Jesus Christ and Him Crucified, declare the blood of Jesus and Name of Jesus over, Jesus who has conquered all evil, raised from the dead and Who Is seated with God the Father Almighty, who is the judge of all judges and will judge the world, by the authority he has given to the saints of God I bind and cast out all of this evil! and any other evil not mentioned, even unmentionable and unfathomable evils, and We Declare Together as the Saints of God who have been called by name and gathered together as one, today you must leave never to return. Begone, monsters, begone all that have tormented us and others for so long. Get out and stay out, be bound forever in Hades. We shut the Holy Door on you and seal it with the Blood of Jesus Christ, and IN THE NAME OF THE RESSURECTION OF JESUS CHRIST. We declare together that your power is broken, We declare that the Kingdom of God has Come to Us, and that You cannot remain here In The Name and Power and Authority of the Kingdom Of God. Amen.
In the place of evil I speak the Truth, the Word of God, the Name of God, True Peace, Joy and Love, the Sunshine of our Souls, the Name of Jesus, all of the Names of the True God - Protector, Providor, Deliverer, Redeemer, friend of sinners, O God, come, may Your Will Be Done on Earth as it is in Heaven, Deliver us from the Evil One, O God, Mighty One. We entrust ourselves to you this day and every day, place Your Seal upon our territory this day, O God, and dwell with us in this land. Amen.