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If All Things Were Known ~ by:Lois Roosa
Out of the Ashes ~ by:Lois Roosa
My Grace is Sufficient ~ by:Lois Roosa
Who is The Lord ~ by:Kerri Castaneda
The Merchant ~ by:Kerri Castaneda
Furnishing Your House ~ by:Kerri Castaneda
I Threw A Fit ~ by: Claytia Doran
Fill My Cup, Lord. ~ by: Claytia Doran
God sees us as we can be. ~ by: Claytia Doran
TRIALS. ~ by: Claytia Doran
What A House. ~ By: Robyn Cavalera.
Camron’s Ears. ~ By: Robyn Cavalera
Dear Child, I Will Lift Your Load. ~ Debbie Preuss
My Child, find my Serenity. ~ by:Debbie Preuss
Lord, You Speak to Me. ~ by:Debbie Preuss
Elusive Peace. ~ by:Debbie Preuss
Sticks and Stones. ~ by:Debbie Preuss
A Lifestyle Of Grace. ~ by: Sheila Gosney.
The Solitary Places With God. ~ by: Sheila Gosney.
TOO BUSY. ~ by: Debbie Preuss.
TRIALS PRAYER. ~ by: Debbie Preuss.
Jesus In Your Life. ~ by: Jackie Howard.
Christian Short Stories ~ by: Cathy L. Livingston.
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If all things were known we could easily forgive;
For a knowledge of the past can make us sensitive.
To know what motivates another's thoughts and actions
Can help us empathize and change our own reactions.

To take a little walk in someone else's shoes,
Is worth the time it takes to see another's view.
We give a lot of room, for our own mistakes,
But an understanding heart is all forgiveness takes.

Child of God: "Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievance you may have against one another...For with the measure you use for mercy, it will be measured out to you"

Luke 17:4; Col. 3:12&13

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Out of the Ashes ~ by:Lois Roosa

Out of the ashes, Dear One,
I bring a new hope to you!
Out of life's crumbled wreckage
You'll see what I can do.

Out of a time of helplessness
I'll build a brand new dream;
Though all around looks hopeless now,
Things aren't as they may seem.

Isaiah 61:3&7

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My Grace is Sufficient ~ by:Lois Roosa

You want to be a Christian,
You've said it in your heart;
But something seems to hold you back
Each time you make a start.

Christians seem so "Holy"
And "Spiritual" to you,
But you don't seem to "make the grade"
No matter what you do.

Don't let the looks deceive you,
Christians struggle too;
They fail, and fall far short
In many things they do.

Right standing with Me is guaranteed
Not by your words or deeds;
Salvation comes to Everyone
Who for My mercy pleads.

You cannot make yourself worthy,
Or righteous in My sight;
You cannot earn My grace
Though you try with all your might.

For I transform the lives
Of All who call on Me;
And I, AM a work in You
That only I can see!
Romans 3: 24

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Who is the Lord. by: Kerri Castaneda

Who is the Lord?
Can my lips form the words to justify such majesty
Can my heart express such a divine wonder
My eyes fail when asked to behold such glory
Who is the Lord?
Can my mind comprehend mercy without an end
Can my flesh reach out and touch such consuming completeness
Who is the Lord?
Could this be my loving Father
The Alpha and the Omega
King of kings, Lord of lords
His word tells me
He is all that I will ever need
Who is the Lord?
When I bow my head and pray
how is it that he hears my every word
yet sits high upon His heavenly thrown
It doesn't matter for I believe and for this He promises that
I belong to Him and Him to me
and one day I will stand before him
knowing fully who the Lord is.

by Kerri Castaneda

Copyright ©2001 Kerri Castaneda

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The Merchant by: Kerri Castaneda

Far above rubies was what
the merchant had to say
knowing full well man could never pay
the shedding of innocent blood
was the price wanted for setting me free
bowing my head in defeat for the
price was impossible to ever expect man to meet
Silver could never compare nor
gold refined could share
for the merchant had a price fixed in his head
smiling with the linger of death
as a pearl hidden from sight no one could see
God's gifts growing as a seed within me
buyers came all turning away for my price was costly
as shame blushed my face some saw scares of a slave broken
standing in dismay
but then this man with glory for a face came my way
the merchant yelled out my price
innocent blood is the only way I'll release this soul today
so without a word He stretched out His hands paying the cost
giving me power to boldly proclaim all is forgiven my sin has been washed
as God's Lamb died and has risen for me o merchant here is your receipt
from calvary in Jesus name set me free

by Kerri Castaneda

Copyright ©2001 Kerri Castaneda

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Furnishing Your House by:Kerri Castaneda

Now once you have asked the Lord to clean out your house
don't leave it empty and cold

Place love in the center of the house for all to see

Place healing right by the door so that when you need it
you can find it right away

Place wisdom on the tables of knowledge

Place prayer all around on the walls of faith

Place charity on the floor of trust

Place peace on the selves of joy

Garnish your windows with hope

Light the whole house with the switch of belief

Set your table with the promises of God's blessings

Stock your cupboards with lots of understanding

Place judgment on the bed of forgiveness
(to be made each morning fresh and new)

Place the praises of the Lord upon the stove
allowing them to fill the house
with sweet flavor throughout the day

Install your security system called the bible and learn the codes
which we call scriptures
that you may stop intruders when they try to creep in

Place the key of growth upon your heart
and don't leave home without it

invite Jesus to come and abide through His Holy Ghost as
none of us wants to live alone

And last of all lift your hands and give thanks with all your heart
for the Lord is the one who furnished this house.

Copyright ©2001 Kerri Castaneda

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I Threw A Fit. by: Claytia Doran

Lord, I threw a fit, today. You see, I didn't get my way. I expected too much of others. I didn't take time to pray.

I tried to do things my way, Instead of doing them for you. I ranted and raved and carried on. I threw a pity party or two.

Lord, I threw a fit, today. My frustration took first place. I carried on, with an attitude. I was ahead, running the rat race.

Then, you smiled and touched my heart, And I saw the footprints in the sand. I suddenly felt so ashamed, As I reached over and took your hand.

I slowed my pace, beside you, And I felt the glory of your way. Lord, can you ever forgive me For the fit I threw, today?

© by

Copyright ©2002 Claytia Doran ~ bbabe@1s.net

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Fill My Cup, Lord. by: Claytia Doran

She was kneeling by the bedside. Her tears fell like the rain. Her heavy sighs, they whispered Of all the grief and pain.

I know I never asked, Lord, For an easy load to bear And never for an easy road, But just for someone to care.

My burdens, they grow heavy. My tears, they drain my soul. Touch me with your hand, O Lord. Fill my cup and make me whole.

Fill it to running over. Let your goodness light my way. Lift my burdens, one by one. In Jesus' name, I pray.

Copyright ©2002 by Claytia Doran ~ bbabe@1s.net

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God sees us as we can be. by: Claytia Doran

You sometimes feel so worthless and you feel so all alone.
but you don't have to feel that way, my friend. i've got happiness to loan.

Here's the words i'll say to you, to make your troubles seem far,
'god sees us as we can be. but, he loves us as we are.'

He sees you striving to be the best, in everything you try.
but, he's happy with you, now. so my friend, don't you cry.

Be glad to be who you are. you are special, near and far.
for, god sees you as you can be. but, he loves you as you are.

Copyright ©2002 by Claytia Doran ~ bbabe@1s.net

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TRIALS. by: Claytia Doran

No matter what trials come our way, God will see us through each day. If only we'll put our trust in Him, The light of His love will never dim.

Don't ever think that He's forgotten you. It's just, sometimes, we need a test or two. For, we'll never be able to help our brother If we're not tested, one way or another.

Never ask the Lord for an easy road, But only for strength to carry your load. For, through your sorrows, you will find The Lord is with you. He's loving and kind.

And, when your trials have all gone away, 'I've been there, too,' is what you can say. For, there'll be times when someone you meet Will praise God to walk in the steps of your feet.

Copyright ©2002 by Claytia Doran ~ bbabe@1s.net

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What A House ~ By Robyn Cavalera.

I had a very interesting thought come to me. Not, the usual one for me, but cool. Thought I might try to -put it to words.

I (you) are not, I repeat, are NOT the house that Jack built! No, on the contrary, you are the house that the Lord is building. Home to the Holy Spirit. Now, catch this….

First… to build a house you need an Architect. Hummmm.... Jesus is the "Author" (Architect), and Perfector (finisher) of our Faith. Now, the first thing you have to understand is that Jesus is the Architect. Therefore, HE will draw the "blue print", not us. OK? Good. Now as the Architect, it is up to Him to decide how the house will look. What it will be made of. How many rooms it will have. How big it will be. What its color is, and what purpose it will serve.

By the way, if you try to build any building without the blueprint, it will look strange to say the least. Also it may fall down, or worse yet, cave in on someone because parts are missing that are needed to make it stable. Getting the picture?

Now, the next thing HE does is to hire a "Licensed" Contractor. One, that will follow His blueprint to the tee. One who will not try to do His own thing, but rather the thing that the Architect intended. One who will FOLLOW the master blueprint! Yeah, you're starting to get this idea huh?

The Contractor only hires "Reliable" Workers to share his plans with. Workers who will do the job right the first time. Workers, who don't complain about hours or dead lines. Workers who are willing to build exactly as told; not, I repeat, what they want. They usually have pride in what they do. They should, they work hard. The pay is not always the best, but that is what they choose to do with their lives. Be carpenters and workers.

Now a good Architect and Contractor will be sure to use only the FINEST tools and supplies. They do not use inferior products. Oh no…. They will want the finished house or building to be something they can look at in years to come, and proudly say, "I built that!" Hey, they can say that! They did you know!

Now, occasionally someone may try to bring to them less than perfect stuff. Even the workers could try to hustle in some bad materials to save money, but this particular Architect can usually spot a phony. He will usually get rid of him pretty fast. Whew! That is good!

Then comes the big day. The place is finished! It is beautiful! I mean Gorgeous! Then, and only then, does it get the finished "stamp" of approval from the Architect. By the way, there is a going over by the BIG MAN. You know…CODE ENFORCEMENT? But if the Architect is on, which He usually is, it will be approved.

A good solid building will stand forever! "Stand then…." You are fearfully and wonderfully made. There is not another like you. Your Foundation is True and Faithful. It will never give way!

Oh for those of you who may be wondering?



Contractor…. Holy Spirit

Workers…. Pastors, teachers’ etc.

Blueprint…. Bible

House (building)…..YOU

Oh yeah….

Code Enforcement…The Father!

What A House!


Robyn Cavalera
Jesus MUST live..Self MUST die.
I'll always be a Jesus freak!
Jesus is the God who healeth me!

Copyright ©2003 by Robyn Cavalera.

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Camron’s Ears by:By Robyn Cavalera

Yesterday, Amy wanted to clean Camron's ears after his bath. Now, I know ear cleaning is not the most wonderful topic, but bear with me a minute. OK?

So, any way...Amy tells him to get some Q-tips. Camron, like a 4-year-old says "why?" Amy tells him "to clean your ears." Camron pipes up with, "why? They are not dirty; I just took a bath! I didn't do anything to get my ears dirty? I didn't put anything in my ears?" Amy says, "yes Camron, I know, but they are dirty on the inside!" Camron argued and complained for quite a while. Finally, Amy won, and Camron's ears were cleaned out. You should have seen the look on his face when he saw the dirt! Now, where am I going with this? Let me show you...

We, as Christians are like the kid. All day long, we have dirt, grime, etc. going into our ears. God, as a good parent, says He wants to "clean" our ears. What do we do? We argue and fight about it. "I don't have dirty ears God! My ears are clean, remember? I have Jesus, so my ears don't need to be cleaned." God knows that it is not what is outside that corrupts, but what is inside. He knows all that dirt we hear will lodge in the soul and will affect our spirit within us, so He wants to "clean" them out. The ears are one of the entrances to the spirit and soul. It is the avenue satan uses the best to dirty our testimony and MOUTH. If he can get enough dirt in our ears, it will eventually spill out the mouth! Ugh! So Holy Spirit tries, through the Word and other means to "clean" our ears. Then what enters into our spirits is free from trying to pass through a lot of dirt. Maybe we all need a good ear cleaning? I know I do. I think I'll go to the Father, and ask Him to clean my ears up. That way I will have an open channel for His Word to come through to me and out to others! Ya think?

Robyn Cavalera
Jesus MUST live..Self MUST die.
I'll always be a Jesus freak!
Jesus is the God who healeth me!

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I will lift your Load. by:Debbie Preuss

Oh dear child, I'll lift your load
As you travel that weary road
Just give to Me that heavy pack
Give it to Me, don't take it back
I'll be with you on the way
Through the night and through the day
Your faltering strength will be renewed
And through My love child, I will woo
You far away from that pack
So you will never want it back
For My love will set you free
When you give it all to Me
All the heavy things you carry
Hurry now child, don't you tarry
Gathering troubles by the side of the road
I want to free you from that load
Lift that burden from your back
Child, in Me, you'll never lack
For peace and happiness inside
Are as certain as the tide
When you come to Me to rest
I will give My very best
To My child who trusts in Me
I alone can set you free
So My child take all that's yours
From My vast warehouse's stores
I own all that you can see
From the sky down to the sea
And since you are My rightful heir
Come, and I will lift your care
I am with you, before you ask
Just waiting to accept the task
Of ridding you of your heavy load
As we travel together the winding road
Copyright: Debbie Preuss 1999

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My Child, find my Serenity. ~ by:Debbie Preuss

Oh My child, stop running, come spend time with Me
Come in your great turbulence, find My serenity
I long for you to come, I earnestly watch and wait
To spend time alone with you, down by the garden gate
I am always with you, just turn around and see
Everything around you child, was made to glorify Me
Cease your busy running, just slow down your race
This life is for enjoying, allow Me to set your pace
Come and talk to Me, tell Me about your day
I really love it, when you come to talk and pray
I am your true Father, that will never change
No matter what things, this life will rearrange
My child, won't you come, please come now and see
The magnitude of My love and how much you mean to Me
You are My beloved, please don't run away
But make time for Me, each and every day
Oft times you say "tomorrow I will take the time"
But tomorrow seldom comes, oh dear child of Mine
So come right now to Me, in the midst of your busyness
Come and spend some time, so your life I can bless
Come in your great turbulence, find My serenity
Oh My child, stop running, come spend time with Me
Debbie Preuss (c). Aug. 2002

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Lord, You Speak to Me. ~ by:Debbie Preuss

Dear Lord, how do You speak to me
Do I hear You in the rustling tree
I wonder, have I ever heard
You speak to me through Your word
Lord, do I ever hear Your voice
When I ask You to help me make a choice
Are You the conscience that I hear
Do You whisper softly in my ear?
When You speak to me, do I know I've heard
Your very own, personal word?
Then I hear You say to me
Come and listen, so quietly
You hear Me in all the above
As Child, I tell you of My love
Be still and listen for My voice
Turn down all the outside noise
Listen as I talk to your heart
Listen closely and you will start
To hear My voice above the crowd
Though I may not speak too loud
Listen now and you will hear
My voice fall softly on your ear
I speak to you in many ways
In lonely nights and busy days
Yes, I speak in the rustling tree
It's one of the many ways I speak to thee
Many times, My child you've heard
Me speak to you throughout My word
So listen now and I will tell
Just how much I love you well
Turn off all the outside noise
Be still and listen for My voice.
Debbie Preuss (c). 2002

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Elusive Peace. ~ by:Debbie Preuss

Elusive peace in a busy day
Running, running, no time to pray
God wants to talk, to be your friend
For time and eternity without end
Talk to God, He's always there
His heart is filled with loving care
He wants a relationship with you
Not just religion that you say or do
But a friendship formed in the heart
One that will never be pulled apart
He gave His Son, take time to see
All He's done for you and me
The ransom is paid, by Jesus' blood
Be washed forever in His cleansing flood
He paid the price to set us free
Sins washed away for eternity
Take time away from your busy life
To give to God your cares and strife
For time and eternity without end
God wants to talk, to be your friend
Elusive peace in a busy day
Running, running, take time to pray
Debbie Preuss (c). 2002

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Sticks and Stones. ~ by:Debbie Preuss

"Sticks and stones can break my bones,
but names can never hurt me"
That is what she always sang,
but the hurt just wasn't seen
As she walked slowly home,
she was feeling like a fool
For she couldn't stand up to,
the taunting she got at school.

They called her every name they could,
that they knew would hurt.
And she always left each day,
feeling worthless as the dirt.

She didn't really want to go home,
for she wasn't wanted there.
She just wanted to run away,
to find someone who'd care.

But she always went back to her home,
for she was so afraid.
That she was really worthless,
so the truth she would evade.
She built a wall around her,
not letting the hurt in.
But she didn't realize at that time,
she carried the hurt within.
And though she built her walls,
and then put on the lid.
She found there was still no place,
where her pain could be hid

Oh, she went to Sunday school,
every single week.
But she felt so out of place,
she felt like such a freak.

She heard the gospel story,
but her heart was hard.
She couldn't let anyone in,
she was always on her guard.
Though she would participate,
she never quite fit in
She felt so worthless in the group,
she never felt akin.

As she walked slowly home,
she heard in her mind the rhyme
The word's she'd heard so long ago,
but she'd changed the words this time
"Sticks and stones will break my bones,
but names will break my heart."
For even after many years,
she still felt set apart.
Every name that she'd been called,
was burned upon her brain
Whenever she would think of them,
they would cause fresh pain.

As the years went by she continued,
to faithfully go to church
Though she looked for a way she was worthy,
she knew it was a futile search
She did her various jobs,
to the best of her ability
As she tried to forget about,
the awful sense of futility

As she worked through the years,
she began to dream
Of the day,
oh was it possible,
that she could be part of the team

But her hopes were shattered again and again,
and in the effort to cope
She just quit her wishful dreaming,
and she gave up hope

One day when she was at the bottom,
she called out in despair
"God, I've learned about You,
but are You really there?"

And in the empty silence,
amidst the echo of her words
She was amazed by a voice that said,
"Yes, My child, I've heard"

She called out again,
"what shall I do, so that I can start
To really know You as my God?"

He said, "ask Me in your heart"
So she prayed a simple prayer,
asking forgiveness of her sin .
Asking the Almighty God,
to forever reside within.

When her prayer was over,
there was a lightness she'd never known.
As her Heavenly Father came in and made her His own.
The wounds that had accumulated,
over all the years
One by one were healed,
through many prayers and tears.

Now she walks with her Lord in the morning,
when the grass is covered with dew
And still she hears the age old rhyme,
but with words that are so new.

"Sticks and stones may break my bones,
but God's word will mend my heart"
He offers all to be His children,
and get a brand new start

So with His almighty strength,
she lets Him lead her on.
Thankful that in her heart,
He has placed a brand new song.
"Sticks and stones may break my bones,
but God has healed my heart"

Now the life I've been dreaming of,
is finally about to start.
With my Savior's hand in mine,
I have nothing left to fear.
For I know He loves me,
and He is always near.
He has healed the many wounds,
of my broken heart."
He has also promised me,
we will never be apart
"Though sticks and stones may break my bones,
my God is the Great Healer
Of my future in heaven above,
He is the only true Sealer".
He has healed all I've brought to Him,
no matter how many pieces.
Then once He has finished the job,
a new life to me He releases.
So thank You now my Father,
for healing all the pain
That seemed to be burned forever,
into my suffering brain.

"Sticks and stones may break my bones,
but names will never hurt me"
Is only one of satan's lies,
and now at last I'm free !
Debbie Preuss (c). 2002

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A Lifestyle Of Grace. by: Sheila Gosney.

There can be times when life rolls on like normal until something happens to throw it off-track.

And we're left with stunned hearts...falling apart by the burden we'd rather give back.

Then as time passes by, we realize our lives have changed in a permanent way.

So we start seeking God like never before for strength just to get through the day.

And the steadiness He gives, becomes like an anchor securing the weight of our ship.

Though the storm we are living tosses us onward we are held by His big, mighty grip.

Our prayer life becomes deeper... His presence grows sweeter like a gift in the midst of our pain.

We find that when life tries to throw us a deficit God steps forth to grant us a gain.

Then we start to see treasures from knowing Him fully by the hours spent pursuing His face.

For He pours Himself out to us.... to strengthen our hearts till we're living a lifestyle of grace.

Sheila Gosney © 2003

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The Solitary Places With God. by: Sheila Gosney.

There are difficult things that can happen in our lives taking us away from the mainstream flow.

Perhaps a painful diagnosis....a season of distress or a problem clearly out of control.

As normal life moves aside, you can feel so alone because the world moves on in a blur.

They don't understand your issue...they have busy lives so they race by as you barely stir.

But make sure you realize this time of loneliness is a chance to know God like never before.

Don't see it as a season with no spiritual reason -or you'll miss all that God holds in store.

Every time you feel no one knows your trials spend time seeking the One who sees all.

For He is there when life is a busy rat race or when life slows down to a crawl.

Let Him show you the promises He's made to you and bathe your heart in His Word, so divine.

For loneliness is different if you walk it with God for the sweet, private treasures you'll find.

We all must wander in the desert of devastation -estranged from the normal we know.

But the solitary places somehow turn out to be the places where our faith in God grows.

Sheila Gosney © 2003

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How many times do we face spiritual issues that keep battling us day after day ?

And we no sooner acknowledge & conquer one issue to find another one there in the way.

We wrestle with issues of self...the need to surrender or need His help to keep priorities in line.

We may feel like we should really be serving Him more but insist we just can't find the time.

But no matter the battles in all of our lives there could be a prayer that sheds light on them all.

What if we simply started praying to love Jesus more and then prayed that each time we would call.

What if we sat and looked hard at who He really is and saw the magnitude of His great, mighty worth.

Then I know we'd be changed every time that we prayed to reevaluate our purpose on earth.

For to love Jesus more and more every day sets the heart back in sync to His will.

For He already loves us more than we comprehend but when we love Him...then we can be filled.

Jesus is the prize & the glory....the everlasting crown and He's the honor who we praise and adore.

Things fall into place when we focus on Grace and simply learn to love Jesus more.

Sheila Gosney © 2003

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TOO BUSY. by: Debbie Preuss.

Oh Lord, I’ve been too busy, to listen for Your voice

Please forgive me Father, I want You to be my choice

When I’m caught up, in the hectic moments of the day

Please help me remember, to take the time to pray

I so often forget You, I try to do it all alone

When I don’t succeed, then I start to moan

If I’d taken the time, to see You by my side

I would have remembered, You want to be my guide

But I went on merrily, running my own way

Forgetting that You promised, by my side You’d stay

So Father I come to You, before You I humbly bow

Please forgive and cleanse me, I’m looking for You now

In the middle of the busy day, when life swirls around

Lord I’ll come to You, for You are my solid ground

If I get too busy, help me remember the way

That You alone are my refuge, in the very busy day

Father please forgive me, I want You to be my choice

Help me in the busyness, to listen for Your voice

Debbie Preuss © 2003

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TRIALS PRAYER. by: Debbie Preuss.

Dear Lord ..........

When I cannot see the road ahead

Help me remember what You’ve said

That you are with me all the way

By my side, You’ll always stay

When I’m in the valley of despair

Help me remember that You are there

When I’m on the mountain top

Remind me, Your love won’t stop

When trial come, help me to see

That through this time, You’re leading me

Help me persevere through each day

Help me trust You and obey

When fear threatens to creep in

Lord, through You, I can win

When tribulations come my way

I know with You, I’ll be okay

Help me hold on and be strong

May I hear, Your heart’s song

Break me Lord, if You must

For in You, I put my trust

When I’m in the valley’s deep

Hold me Lord, while I weep

Then gently Father, lead me on

Through the valley ‘til the shadows gone

Grant me wisdom, Lord to see

That by Your hand, You’re leading me

Lord, I put my trust in You

To ever, always lead me through

You are with me all the way

By my side, You’ll always stay

I will remember what You’ve said

When I cannot see the road ahead

Debbie Preuss © 2003

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Jesus In Your Life by:Jackie Howard

If there is Jesus in your life.
He would be your brother.
God would be your dad .
If you had found him first,
You wouldn’t be alone.
Jesus is always with you

When you decide he’s never let you down
Maybe there’s nothing certain in your life.
And a thousand times you seen
There’s not much of Jesus in your life .
If you took Jesus to your heart.
You’d love him for the change.
Take him to your heart
Can you remember how it feels .
To give a little more to everyone
and not just to yourself..
I cannot believe you’d be deceived,
changing the word from truth to make belief.
Where there’s nothing left but fears .
There not much of Jesus in your life.
Satan can wrap you around his finger .
Don’t be fooled of his promises ,don’t there linger.
Sometimes just stop and trust your feelings.
The truth’s out there somewhere,
It’s growing in spirit out there .
When there’s Jesus in your life.
When you decide he’s always around .
There’s certainty in your life so sound.
You know a thousand times
There is so much of Jesus in your life
Because you’ve invited Jesus in your life
© copyright Jackie Howard 2006

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